No Bars Hold CD and Book

AUD30.00 each

John and Jennifer live on Magpie Ridge Eco-Farm, a small rural retreat they have established near Toodyay, Western Australia. Here they try to live as 'deliberately and sustainably' as they can in a straw-bale and recycled-material house they built themselves, produce 'sensational' extra-virgin organic olive oil; from groves they planted by hand, and enjoy 'being in the bush'.

Over the last 35 years, John has mainly worked as a school teacher and psychotherapist, and has always been 'drawn to whatever gives life to people and the planet'. Over the same period he has been working part-time as a volunteer in WA prisons facilitating restorative justice group-work with inmates.

"I learned a long time ago that, but for the Grace of God, there go I".

John partly expresses his soul in songwriting and, more recently, in this book, No Bars Hold. 

"Prisons come in many guises and each of us experiences being imprisoned in some way during our lives. This book is about freedom from and freedom within whatever prison is yours.

 The accompanying CD contains 11 tracks. Please download two samples here:

Track 1- No Bars Hold_Sample

Track 11- The Sky's No Limit_Sample


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